I am the universe aware of itself.
I am what the whole thing is doing.
I am the infinite and attribute-less Self beyond form
all anxieties are caused by a feeling of separateness.
feeling separate is caused by confusing the world as it is described with the world as it is.
the ego structure is what describes, categorizes, divides, and creates poles.
the first of which division is: I and other.
to transcend the ego and feeling of being separate from the universe one must watch the mind at play through the royal road of meditation or catch glimpses with chemical shortcuts
one will begin to catch glimpses of the world as it is: without definition, whole.
when one realizes this one no longer sees the universe as a bunch of nouns but as a bunch of verbs.
it no longer is a bunch of separate things of separate essence in a chain of cause and effect.
it becomes one essence expressing itself in infinite forms: you, me, cars, trees, birds, orgasms, atoms, cells, galaxies, farts, rubber…
the whole universe making love with itself over and over in a different way every time
when there is no separate you, there is no you that dies
to rest as this infinite Self, as the One Essence, is the greatest gift you can give the world as you become easy and fearless
you become frictionless to the environment as the dancer becomes the dance