forever forgetting for fun

its always cooler than i thought

everything is everythinging

same essence different presence

self-similar spiraling infinity dance of divinity

you gotta figure out that theres nothing to figure out

its all perspective when you put it in perspective

same i different guy

i know everything because i know that i know that there’s nothing to know

hexagonal archetype direct intuitive communication

you are a thought the whole universe is having

and the first word of the creator being was “I”

i am the great unborn, the attributeless being of infinite form

another trip down me street

every thing is telling the whole story of it all

infinite vibration situation

one self talking to itself about being itself in infinite ways

leggo my ego

rest in the timelessness womb of the light mother

too many uncle wednesdays

intellec(dual) comm(union)cation

one Self

right here is so far out